Monday, January 21, 2008

Street Hawk

Street Hawk DVD

Stree Hawk Series on DVD

Street Hawk was premiered on the 4th of January and ended on the 16th of May 1985. It tackles the exploits of a Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle ex-cop that was injured and move to an office for public relations name Jesse Mach.

The show was about a police officer and former stuntman called Jesse Mach who was secretly picked to test a top secret project named "Street Hawk" - a high-tech motorbike capable of speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. Norman Tuttle, his partner, designed and built the bike and reluctantly picked Jesse to test it. Mach began to lead a double life, a police Public Relations officer by day, and crime-fighter by night.

List of Characters on the show:

  • JESSE MACH(REX SMITH): a motorcycle cop with the LAPD until he was hit by a truck when he discovered his friend's body.
  • NORMAN TUTTLE (JOE REGALBUTO): is the inventor of the bike. HE developed it under the jurisdiction of the government. The project was top-secret and so very few people are aware of the bike's presence.
  • CAPTAIN LEO ALTOBELLI (RICHARD VENTURE): a stereotypical cop's superior, becoming highly irritable when officers do not proceed by the book.
  • RACHEL ADAMS (JEANNIE WILSON): she tend to stay in the office, but often aids Jesse in his investigations.


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