Thursday, January 17, 2008

X-men Animated Series DVD

X-Men The Animated Series on DVD

X-men Cartoon was premiered on FOX from October 31, 1992 and lasted on September 20, 1997. An animated series that was based from Marvel Comics about mutants which is genetically gifted human beings.

They are mutants, genetically gifted human beings - the world's newest and most persecuted minority group. Amidst an increasing climate of fear and bigotry, one enlightened individual, Professor Charles Xavier, has created a safe haven for some of these powerful outcasts. The mutants here are taught to harness their unique abilities for the betterment of the human race. They fight against hostile Government agencies and mutant supremacist Magneto, and his factions, which seek to destroy the human race.

List of Characters on the show:

  • Professor X: is the founders of X-Men who has telepathic abilities.
  • Cyclops: is the team leader of the X-Men who has the ability to stores energy for discharge as powerful force beams fire from his eyes.
  • Storm:Ability to control and manipulate the forces of nature.
  • Beast:Extraordinary agility and superhuman strength.
  • Rogue: Has ability to absorb energy from other living beings, also has power of flight and is indestructible.
  • Wolverine:Heightened senses and accelerated healing ability. Implanted indestructible adamantium skeleton and claws.
  • Gambit: has the ability to charge objects with explosive charges of kinetic energy.
  • Jubilee:Pyrotechnics akin to fireworks.

Due to a serious injury, Professor Xavier is dying and must leave with Lilandra and go with her to the Shi'Ar Empire. He bids farewell to his X-Men. The last scene of this show ends with all of the X-men standing outside the mansion watching Lilandra's ship carrying Xavier flying away


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