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Boston Common

Boston Common DVD
Boston Common DVD

Boston Common is an TV show was a comedy series aired premiered from March 21, 1996 to April 27, 1997.An 18-year-old who left her hometown in Virginia to attend College in Boston, Massachusetts. Her older brother decided to "keep an eye on" her by following her to Boston and sharing an apartment with her. The show took place in the city of Boston and based the show's fictional college on a Boston College that Anthony Clark himself attended.

Boyd Pritchedd (Anthony Clark) an easy going young adult from small town Virginia. After Driving his enthusiastic 18-year old sister Wyleen Princhett (Hedy Buress) to her new life as a freshmen in fictional Randolph Harrington College in Boston, he decides to take a job in the student union then shares her apartment - just to look after her. Oftentimes in the show, Boyd surprises everyone with his wit and charm and gets a lot of admiration except from Joy Byrnes (Traylor Howard), a student whom Boyd had eyes on. Joy was a dizzy grad student studying southern culture for whom Bo had eyes; she, however, was taken with young Professor Jack, who in turn was in love mostly with himself. Leonard was the dour college archivist who hung out at their apartment, and Tasha the surly administrative assistant. Other students and faculty members stumbled, fumbled, and leered their way through various episodes.

Boston Common Cast

* Anthony Clark: Boyd `Bo' Pritchett
* Hedy Burress: Wyleen Pritchett
* Traylor Howard: Joy Byrnes
* Tasha Smith: Tasha King
* Steve Paymer: Leonard Prince
* Fred Applegate: Sherman
* Patrick Fabian: Jack
* Vincent Ventresca: Prof. Jack Reed

Boston CommonIt was one of the highest rated shows ever to get cancelled, as it ranked 8th in the yearly ratings and was viewed by an average of 14.96 million households per episode

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  1. Sherly said...
    No other show has made me laugh like this one did -- if one ever does again, you can be sure it will be cancelled as well.


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