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Friends DVD

Friends is a sitcom about a group living the New York borough of Manhattan. This was aired premiered from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. Friends was aimed at young adults who, during the early 1990s, were identified by their café culture, dating scene and modern independence. All six of the friends bring characteristics to the show that make the viewer feel like they know them.

As they navigate their way through life and learn to grow up as they approach the third decade of their life. All, find companionship, comfort and support with the help from each other to get them through the obstacles that life naturally has for us. And establishes the love Ross has left for Rachel and she was his true love and would always be since the characters attended high school. Several episodes revolve around his attempts to tell her how he feels. She eventually finds out in the season finale. On the last episode Ross and Phoebe chase Rachel to the airport, but end up at the wrong one. They narrowly make it to the right airport, where Ross declares his love for Rachel, but she gets on the plane anyway. A rejected Ross returns home, where he finds a message on his answering machine, revealing that Rachel got off the plane, just as the real thing shows up behind him. They decide to be together.


Jennifer Aniston,Rachel Green

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) a waitress for Central Perk who later gets a career in fashion management at Bloomingdale's and later at Ralph Lauren

Monica Geller,Courteney Coz Arquette

Monica Geller (Courteney Coz Arquette) a neurotic chef who works at several restaurants throughout the series.

Phoebe Buffay,Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) an eccentric masseuse and musician

Joey Tribbiani,Matt LeBlanc

Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) a definite player and struggling actor who becomes famous for his role on Days Of Our Lives as Dr. Drake Ramoray.

Chandler Bing,Matthew Perry

Chandler Bing ( Matthew Perry) an executive in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. He later gets a job in advertising.

Ross Geller,David Schwimmer
Ross Geller
(David Schwimmer) a sensitive, hopeless romantic, earned him an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Monica's older brother, a paleontologist working at a museum of Natural History and later a professor of paleontology at New York University.

Friends officially ended it's phenomenal 10 year run. They say final goodbye. The show was a hit instantly, it had the highest rating for ten years in a row. It has touched peoples lives and it will always be remembered by millions. After seeing every episode of this much loved sitcom i much say that the writers and cast have succeeded in making something that is not only humorous.


  1. Aira said...
    Friends is one of the best tv series ever aired on TV
    Phoenix Arizona Auto, Car, Home Owner Insurance Quote said...
    I wonder when they were making the pilot if they had any clue this series would take off. It's all about the writing.
    Darkwell said...
    I love this show very much..nothing can beat the greatness of both joey and chandler in their part in friends!

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